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First Choice Drug Testing specializes in drug & alcohol testing services. We serve business, large or small, local or nationwide. From DOT mandated testing to Third Party Administration, let us be your First Choice for testing program management.


Drug / Alcohol Testing

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DOT / FAA Physicals

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Background Checks

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Drug / Alcohol Testing


DOT / FAA Physicals


Background Checks

"Great company, never had any problems. Adam and Tim respond to my emails within minutes, I can always rely on them. If you are a motor carrier and you need to make sure you are FMCSA and DOT compliant, go with First Choice Drug Testing, they won't let you down."

News & Updates

Drug Policy for workplace

Your employees are one of the most important components of your business, and you have an obligation to keep them safe. This means making good hiring decisions and training your staff on the importance of workplace safety. You also need to make sure that your employees are physically capable of performing their daily responsibilities before they begin work, or if they’re returning to work after an injury. Most importantly, you need to carry a workers’ compensation insurance policy to protect your business from out-of-pocket losses resulting from workplace accidents.

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A donor recently came in and gave a specimen my collector would not accept. I am not sure of the exact reason, but the most common reasons are that the specimen’s temperature is out of range or suspected substitution (we get lots of synthetic urine around here.) The collector explained to the donor that we could not accept the specimen because we did not believe it came from his body, and he was welcome to provide another specimen, but, if he left the clinic, it would be a “refusal”. The donor became a little belligerent and wanted to argue that he was not refusing to take the test – he gave us a specimen and we were the ones refusing to accept it. We tried to explain what a “refusal” meant as it relates to drug testing. In the drug testing arena (as in most industries) we have a unique vocabulary that has definitions that differ from society in general. Here are a few of those terms and how they are defined by our industry:

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One of the first steps in making a new hire is ensuring that your prospective employee has the skills and experience to do the job. Most retail and clerical jobs don’t require much physical labor, and all that you’ll need to do is schedule a pre-employment drug test and a background check. But if it’s a physically demanding job that routinely requires lifting and moving heavy objects, a fit-for-duty examination will help you determine if the new hire is physically capable of doing the work. It’s also good to identify and document old injuries to protect yourself in the unlikely event of a future workers’ compensation insurance claim.

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It’s important to hire quality employees if you want to run a quality business, but many employers are forced to base their hiring decisions on incomplete information. Your applicants are only going to give you the names of people who will give them good references, and their previous employers will often only verify employment when you call for more information. Many of the resumes that you see have large gaps or paint an inaccurate picture of the applicant’s actual responsibilities. Even the most seasoned human resources professionals make mistakes when they’re vetting candidates, and you can’t afford to take chances when you’re adding to your team.

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