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First Choice Drug Testing & Occupational Health Services specializes in drug & alcohol testing, background checks, and occupational health services. We serve business, large or small, local or nationwide. Let us be your First Choice for employment screenings.


Drug / Alcohol Testing

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DOT / FAA Physicals

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Background Checks

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Drug / Alcohol Testing


DOT / FAA Physicals


Background Checks

"We started drug testing our team a few years ago and have had a great experience with Tim and his team at First Choice. They communicate well with us and run our random drug testing program. I sleep better at night knowing we are a drug free workplace."

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When you make new hires, there’s much more at stake than the compensation and benefits package you’ll be offering your employees. They’ll represent your company or organization when they encounter customers, and they’re often entrusted with keys to the building and other important assets. Unfortunately, prospective employees often present idealized versions of their work histories on their resumes and attempt to hide or obfuscate important information from interviewers. Making the wrong hire can be disastrous, but you have nothing to fear when you have our team at First Choice in your corner. In addition to pre-employment drug testing services, we also offer background checks to ensure that your candidates have clean criminal records and driving histories!

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Pre-employment drug testing is a standard operating procedure at most companies, and random testing keeps employees honest after they’ve been hired. Operating a drug-free workplace is a great way to protect your investment in your business and keep your employees safe. Still, many small business owners haven’t yet instituted a testing program because they believe it’s too difficult or expensive. First Choice is Arkansas’ most trusted third-party administrator, and we’re ready to show you how easy and affordable it is to institute a drug and alcohol testing program for your small business!

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An increasing number of individuals are now using Cannabidiol (CBD oil) products to manage chronic pain, relieve digestive problems, or sleep better without being exposed to the mind-altering effects of marijuana. These products are completely legal to purchase and can be sold at drugstores, convenience stores, and other retailers. Like all other over-the-counter medications, it’s important to read all safety information on the product label and consult with your family doctor before using CBD oils on a regular basis. But will you fail a drug test if you’re using CBD oil for a legitimate medical purpose?

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