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Serving Central Arkansas and Nationwide

First Choice Drug Testing specializes in drug & alcohol testing services. We serve business, large or small, local or nationwide. From DOT mandated testing to Third Party Administration, let us be your First Choice for testing program management.


Drug / Alcohol Testing

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DOT / FAA Physicals

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Background Checks

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Drug / Alcohol Testing


DOT / FAA Physicals


Background Checks

News & Updates

busted by lint

The collectors at First Choice undergo a lot of training to ensure that the person coming to work for your company is drug-free. Most of this training is passed from collector to collector, and some of it comes from online tutorials. However, all the training in the world cannot prepare you for some of the things we see at First Choice.

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Workplace accidents are always inconvenient and unexpected. They also have a tendency of occurring at unusual times. As an employer, you have an obligation to perform all necessary due diligence to protect your company from exposure to liability in worker’s compensation claims. You have to confirm that your employee’s accident wasn’t caused by them being under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol. The standard protocol is to drug/alcohol test the employee right away.

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The war on drug and alcohol abuse continues to rage on, and in spite of our best efforts to encourage people to use alcohol responsibly, its abuse is rampant. And an increasing amount of people are turning to illegal recreational drugs as a social stimulant, and often a coping mechanism for life’s challenges. Drug and alcohol abuse has long-term health consequences for the abusers, tears families apart, and can often lead to legal problems due to bad decision making while under the influence. As an employer, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your business to keep drugs and alcohol out of the workplace.

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Whether your business has 10 employees or 10,000, you depend on them to run your entire operation. In order to run an effective business, you have to give the members of your team the tools and access that they need to do their jobs. They are often entrusted with sensitive information, access to company assets, and keys to the building. And they are also the face of your company when dealing with customers and people in the community. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to maintain a “trust, but verify” policy with all existing personnel and new hires.

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