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DNA Testing

DNA Testing

First Choice offers rapid and affordable DNA paternity testing, providing peace of mind, legally binding, confidential, and conclusive results. Using First Choice to identify the biological father of a child fulfills all the legal requirements needed to resolve disputes in child support, adoptions, and immigration cases.

Paternity testing requires a specimen be collected from the child and alleged father, the mother is optional but included in the fee. If the alleged father is not available we can test a sibling or the mother and/or father of the alleged father. The sample is a saliva mount swab. In order for the test to be recognized by the court system all donors need a government issued picture ID, the child will need the birth certificate. Specimens are collected here at our clinic or for a small additional fee we can have them collected anywhere in the USA.

Substance Abuse Professional Services

If you’ve failed a DOT drug and/or alcohol test you must seek the services of a SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) and complete their recommendations prior to performing safety sensitive duties again. First Choice Drug Testing has an on-site SAP available call us to schedule an appointment. These same services are also available for our NON-DOT clients, we can professionally assess the employee and recommend treatment options that can get your employee back on the road to recovery.

Those who have been through an SAP program must complete a return-to-duty test and subsequent follow-up testing as recommended by the SAP. First Choice Drug Testing can manage this testing for you to ensure your employee is following the SAP’s recommendations.

Policy Development

Allow First Choice to help you develop a drug free workplace policy that is compliant but flexible. We can review your current policy or write a complete policy for you. Whether you need a “basic” policy, a policy that is compliant with the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commissions Drug Free Workplace Program, or even one that is DOT compliant, we can fulfill you needs.


Specimen Collector Training

If you want to perform your own specimen collections let the staff at First Choice Drug Testing train you in the proper procedures. We can train to collect urine, saliva, hair, and nail specimens. Our urine collector training meets the Federal requirements of the DOT. Training is done here at our clinic in Little Rock.

Supervisor (Reasonable Suspicion) Training

First Choice Drug Testing offers drug and alcohol training for supervisors, this training is commonly referred to as Reasonable Suspicion training and meets the Federal Requirements it:

  • Helps you comply with requirements of 49 CFR 382.603 (all persons designated to supervise drivers must receive at least 60 minutes of training on alcohol misuse and 60 minutes of training on controlled substance use)
  • Helps your supervisors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make reasonable suspicion determinations

We have both an on-line and live reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol training available. The on-line training is FREE and unlimited for First Choice Drug Testing Clients. The live training can be customized to meet your needs and we can incorporate your specific company policies into the training.

DER Training

DER Training

You have been promoted to the position of Designated Employee Representative. Now, what?

Per U.S. Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR Part 40, a Designated Employee Representative, or DER, is the person in a workplace who is responsible for the drug and alcohol testing program. The DER is the employee at the company, authorized by the employer, to take immediate action to remove employees from safety-sensitive duties if they appear impaired, to make decisions required in the testing process and to receive drug and alcohol test results.

As a DER, there’s quite a bit of information you’ll need to be aware of, but often workplaces aren’t able to provide appropriate training and support for the role. That’s where FCDT can help. Not only does the FCDT team spend a lot of time assisting DERs with key regulatory issues, but we also provide essential information that ensures that the employer’s drug and alcohol program is always in compliance and the workplace remains safe.

The course is approximately 1 hour long.

Training: What Employees Need to Know About Drug/Alcohol Testing

Training: What Employees Need to Know

Collectors are sometimes trained poorly, and chain of custody protocols can be easily broken, perhaps jeopardizing the employee’s test. The course explores drug and alcohol testing protocols and makes employees aware of how these tests are conducted. It discusses the testing process from collection to the final result and educates employees on the types of drugs the labs test for. Additionally, it goes into medical/recreational marijuana and how taking someone else’s prescription, no matter how innocent, can lead to a positive result.

The course length is 45 minutes.