Cheaters Always Get Busted

Don't Panic

We had a donor give us a sample that was too hot, and if you’ve read our previous Cheaters stories, you know that the sample temperature is a tell-tale sign that a specimen did not come from the donor’s body.

The donor claimed the urine was hot because she had a fever, and then she hit the panic button on her key ring, activating her car alarm in our parking lot.

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Here's Your Sign

Drug test cheaters, for the most part, are not the smartest people in the world. You might even say they give themselves away!

A donor came one day for a forensic test (tests not done according to DOT protocol are known as forensic AKA non-DOT tests) and gave us a sample we would not accept. Like most cheaters, he pressed us to tell him why we would not accept it…

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ohh that smell

A donor came in for a Federal DOT (department of transportation) test, and, had you walked in behind him, you would have thought we were a marijuana dispensary. We concluded he must have been smoking in his vehicle because the odor was so strong. For reference, marijuana is still federally illegal and DOT employees (truck drivers) are not allowed to use it. We proceeded to start the regulated drug test already very suspicious based on our senses. The donor produced a specimen we would not accept because it had a strong ammonia smell.

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