Cheaters Always Get Busted


Cheaters can be quite dramatic when caught. Earlier this year we had a female donor try to pass yellow ammonia off as urine, this happens a few times a year here at our clinic. Although it is yellow it really looks nothing like urine to a seasoned collector. Just to confirm our suspicions we usually use one of our 5 senses (smell) to confirm. If you ever put ammonia close to your nose you know right away what it is, is quite pungent.

The cheater was so upset that we would not accept the ammonia as legitimate urine; she videoed the entire collection process. She videoed the collector telling her they would not accept the specimen and dumping it out in the toilet. She then left the clinic, and we reported the test as a refusal. I am not sure what she planned to do with this video because in the drug testing world the collector has the right to refuse any specimen. All donors at our clinic sign a document that reads:

The collector has the right to reject your specimen for any reason, but will always reject it for the following reasons:

  • Out of temperature range
  • Suspected adulteration
  • Insufficient Quantity
  • Defecating (#2) in our toilet.
  • Flushing the toilet.

It’s amazing that cheaters think their rights were violated when we refuse to accept a specimen. We’re protecting rights; the right of the employer to have a drug-free workplace.