Cheaters Always Get Busted

Phone a Friend

A donor gave us a sample that was out of temperature range; that happens all the time around here! The donor sat in the waiting room a while and drank water.

Another “donor” came in to our office and briefly spoke to the Cheater. This other “donor” then came up to the window and asked to pay for a background check for a local hospital. I told him we didn’t do background checks for that hospital.

He then asked to use our restroom. When he got out, I went into the bathroom to look around. Sure enough, there was a bottle of urine in a small container between the toilet and the wall.

Bottle of Urine

We immediately confiscated the contraband.

A few minutes after the 2nd “donor” left the building, and the Cheater asked to go use Number 2. We allowed him to go into the bathroom, as we knew he wouldn’t find what he was looking for.

After several minutes, he came back out and sat quietly in the lobby. He waited there for three hours (testing protocol states a donor has up to 3 hours to produce a specimen) – and he left without giving us another sample.

Later, another donor who was waiting to take a drug test told us he was offered $50 by the Cheater to provide him with some clean pee. This Cheater tried several lifelines to pass the test. Thanks to the First Choice staff, the phone-a-friend plot was foiled!