Cheaters Always Get Busted

Funny Behavior

If you have been reading these Cheater stories for very long, you have probably heard us refer to a collector’s “6th sense” as it pertains to drug test collections. Once you have done enough drug tests and have been properly trained, you begin to get a feeling when something isn’t right about a sample – and even a donor! A donor’s behavior can be an indicator we use to determine if there is a higher probability that person will try to cheat.

We don’t want to give away all our secrets, but one example is if a donor comes in and immediately states they must urinate RIGHT NOW. This could mean that person has to pee very badly, but it could also mean they have someone else’s urine that has been heated up and is quickly cooling down.

Behavior such as this just raises a red flag and has our collectors on their toes during the collection.

Recently, a donor pulled into our parking lot and began walking towards the front door. One of our collectors was watching as he walked up. About halfway to the door, the donor turned around and almost limped back to his car. He opened the door and reached down his pants to “adjust” something. A red flag went off in our collector’s head wondering if the donor had a sample of urine hidden somewhere in his pants.

The donor soon walked normally into the clinic and the collector who witnessed the whole thing took him back to begin his drug test. The donor presented the collector with what looked like synthetic urine, but the temperature was spot on. The questionable specimen along with the suspicious behavior was enough for the collector to reject the specimen.

The donor immediately left, refusing the test. By immediately leaving and not wanting to try again, we were sure that the donor tried to cheat, and our collector’s vigilance kept another workplace drug free. How observant are the collectors that perform YOUR testing?