Cheaters Always Get Busted

Creepy Crawlers

We recently had a donor come into our clinic for a pre-employment drug test. There was nothing unusual about the collection until she presented the sample to the First Choice collector. Not only was the specimen cold, but the donor must not have paid much attention after she emptied the fraudulent sample into the cup.

The collector was shocked and appalled to see a cockroach floating in the cold urine specimen.

Clearly, since the urine was too cold, it did not come out of the donor’s body. However, the donor insisted the sample was hers. When asked about the cockroach, she stuck to her guns and stated that the 6-legged insect also came out of her body.

Nine out of ten donors will stick to their story after they are caught cheating. They will deny trying to defraud the drug test until the very end. Sometimes they are very convincing, even persuading their potential employer to let them come back and take the test again. We are not so easily deceived, especially when there is a bug floating in the specimen cup.