Cheaters Always Get Busted

Always Prepared

It’s not unusual for some drug users who seek employment or are subject to random testing to keep clean urine and/or adulterants on them during work or while seeking a job. For these folks, putting these substances in their pocket or purse is a part of getting dressed every morning like you and I might carry a pocket knife or lipstick.

Just last month, a donor was escorted by a supervisor to our clinic to take a pre-employment drug test. He exited the bathroom with a specimen that was yellow like urine but smelled like pure ammonia. Obviously, he had a container full of yellow ammonia on his person anticipating a drug test. The collector immediately told the donor she would not be able to take the specimen, and the donor tried to take the specimen from the collector, as if he was afraid the collector would show it to the supervisor that escorted him to our clinic. The collector discarded it and the donor slammed 2 bottles of water right there in the collection room, went back into the bathroom, and produced a specimen the collector would accept.

We advised the employer what had transpired, and they were shocked to discover that the donor attempted to defraud the test because the donor was escorted to our clinic and the drug test was unannounced. What many employers don’t know is that drug users are “always prepared”. The test came back positive for a solicit drug and the Background Check we ran seem to solidify that result, it read:


Drug abusers are always prepared, but so is First Choice Drug Testing! Hire us to do your employment screenings and you’ll always be prepared as well!