First Choice Drug Testing

on-site testing services

Young people are always concerned about “fitting in,” and even the most trustworthy teens can easily wind up at places where their peers are experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Every parent wants to believe they can trust their kids to make good decisions, but it’s difficult for them to do when they see their friends having what they believe to be a little “harmless fun.” According to the CDC, two-thirds of all high school students have tried alcohol, and half have tried marijuana. Close to 20% of all teenagers have abused prescription medication, and children between the ages of 12-20 years old consume 10% of all alcohol sold in the United States. Those numbers are pretty frightening, but First Choice is here for parents who don’t want their children to become another statistic!

We offer discreet and professional walk-in testing services, and we keep a Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff to confirm the accuracy of home testing results. Be sure to ask us about our ChildGuard® test for passive drug exposure, which is the only test of its kind. A positive ChildGuard® test detects passive exposure to drugs, drug smoke, or the sweat of a drug user. The test can distinguish the difference between native drug metabolites and passive metabolites and gives you helpful information that you can’t get from a conventional urine test. Even if your kids aren’t using drugs, you’ll be able to tell when they’ve been somewhere that they shouldn’t have been!

As a parent, you have every right to be frightened about what your children encounter when they socialize with their friends. It’s natural for children to be rebellious at a certain age, but underage drinking and drug use is more than “just a phase!” Drugs and alcohol tear families apart, and children who drink and use drugs often grow up to become adults who drink and use drugs. Walk-in drug testing keeps good kids honest, and it’s an effective deterrent that all children can easily understand. Our team at First Choice makes it quick and easy to keep drugs out of your home and enjoy true peace of mind!

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