Cheaters Always Get Busted

Lack of Information

We recently had a donor give us a urine sample that we could not accept – if you read this blog regularly, you know it’s “same story, different day”. The donor was very emphatic that the specimen did come from his body and pressed the collector to tell him what logic we used to determine this was not his urine. As a collector, we have the right to reject any specimen for any reason. First Choice collectors are taught to simply reply, “we don’t believe it came out of your body.” We teach this response so as not to educate cheaters what methods and senses we use to determine why we believe the specimen did not come from their body.

The donor continued to press the collector and, after not getting anywhere, he asked for management. He pressed management several times for the reasons the collector believed the specimen did not come from his body. Management repeated what the collector told him and informed him that he signed an electronic consent before he tested that stated the collector has the right to refuse a specimen for any reason. He asked for a copy of the consent as he had not read it before he signed it. Even after reading the consent, he continued to press for the answers he sought, and management continued to deny a detailed explanation.

He finally relented and was allowed to give the collector a second specimen that was acceptable. The collector declared “this is not what you gave me the first time” and continued with an instant test on the specimen; it was negative. Once the donor realized it was negative, he laughed and patted the collector on the back, stating that he thought it would be positive for THC.

There’s no doubt the donors pressing us for our knowledge was an attempt to educate himself to our methods so he could use that information next time he needed to take a drug test. I hope the collectors you use do not offer cheater education!