Cheaters Always Get Busted

Yellow Mouthwash

There’s no end to what cheaters will present to our collectors as urine. We recently had a donor come in and present us with a cupful of what appeared to be yellow mouthwash. Our collector came to this conclusion based on the “minty” aroma it was emitting.

In the past donors have attempted to pass many varieties of liquids as human urine. Including ammonia, synthetic urine, and one that even presented blue toilet water as urine; he claimed he had drunk a lot of blue Gatorade.

Cheaters are not the most astute humans on this earth; and are no match for well-trained collectors who take their jobs seriously. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of collectors that are not so well-trained and, in many instances, the first time a repetitive cheater gets caught is when they darken our door. We know this because many of them argue with us when we reject their specimen; they say they’ve been taking drug tests for years and have never had a specimen rejected. Please consider letting the well-trained, serious collectors at First Choice Drug Testing help keep your company drug free.