Cheaters Always Get Busted


Reputation is defined as: a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic.

First Choice Drug Testing, like most businesses, has a reputation. We have more than one reputation. If you check our Google Reviews you’ll find that our reputation as a business is quite stellar, and we work hard to keep our customers satisfied enough to sing our praises. However, we have a second reputation that is not quite as positive – our reputation among drug test cheaters.

Recently, one of our good customers called us to ask if a donor he had sent to our clinic ever showed up. When we told the customer the donor had not shown, they said “that doesn’t surprise me. The donor had specifically asked to go to any other clinic besides First Choice. He said he has had issues with you in the past.”

Our customer, who also knows both our reputations, said that donor’s statement pretty much told him everything he needed to know.

Having a negative reputation is not always a bad thing; depending what group of people are giving you that reputation! What’s the reputation of your drug testing vendor?