Cheaters Always Get Busted

Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

As First Choice Drug Testing Collectors, our best weapon to thwart cheaters is not the temperature strip on the cup; it’s our “6th sense”. Over the years, we have developed an ability to sense when something is just not quite ordinary about how a donor is acting. It’s not just one thing and it’s not always the same behavior – cheaters all have different mannerisms and verbalizations that usually give them away before they even hand us their sample.

We don’t mind making cheaters as nervous as possible; it helps facilitate our “6th sense”. One of the ways we do this is with signs everywhere warning them of the consequences of cheating.

Before testing, they must sign a testing protocol. Here are a few sentences from that protocol:

  • The collector has the right to reject your specimen for any reason, but will always reject it for the following reasons:
    • Out of temperature range
    • Suspected adulteration
    • Insufficient Quantity
    • Defecating (#2) in our toilet.
    • Flushing the toilet.
  • Once the testing process has begun, if you leave the building before providing a specimen that the collector will accept, your test is over, and it is considered a refusal to test which has the same consequences as a positive drug test.
  • If you provide a specimen that our collector rejects due to out of temperature range or suspected adulteration, we will give you another attempt; this second attempt may be observed by a collector of the same sex.

In addition, here’s a few more signs we have at the clinic.

Attention Cheaters Sign

Attention Cheaters Sign

Warning Sign

Warning Sign

DOT Refusal Sign

Refusal Sign

Does the collection site you use rely only on their five God-Given senses? Here at First Choice Drug Testing, our “6th Sense” helps our clients maintain a drug free workforce!