Cheaters Always Get Busted

An increasing number of individuals are now using Cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD oil) for sleep or pain relief. They’re interested in experiencing the health benefits of cannabinoids without the mind-altering effects associated with marijuana usage. CBD oils can be legally purchased at drugstores, convenience stores, and other outlets, and many individuals swear by them as a natural remedy. It should also come as no surprise that individuals who fail drug tests frequently claim that the results are a “false positive” because they use CBD oils for legitimate health reasons.

At First Choice, we offer every conceivable lab test at our south Little Rock location. You’ll always receive fast and friendly service, and we can perform most tests without an appointment. We keep a Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff to verify all results, and we’re a phone call away when you have any questions. Here are a few common questions about CBD Oil and drug testing.

What are the health benefits of CBD oils? – CBD is extracted from cannabis plants and diluted with other products such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. Individuals who use CBD are seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. Some individuals also use CBD to treat cancer and neurological disorders.

Is CBD oil approved by the FDA? – Epidiolex is the only CBD product that has been approved by the FDA for medical treatment, and other products are currently unregulated.

Do CBD products lead to a positive test? – The answer is maybe. A SAMHSA certified laboratory positive for THC is 15 ng/ml or higher, which means that a result of 14 ng/ml or lower would be reported as negative. Therefore, you can have trace amounts (14 ng/ml or lower) in your system and get a negative drug test report. CBD products are unregulated, and it’s “buyer beware”. The label can claim anything, but there’s really no way to know if that CBD product contains no, a little, or a lot of THC (the chemical compound detected in drug test). Even if the product contained more THC than the label indicated, it would, in our opinion, require large amounts of consumption/use of the CBD product to produce a level of 15 ng/ml in a urine drug test.

Most of the individuals we encounter that claim CBD as the source of their Marijuana positives have levels WAY above 15 ng/ml, making that argument look ridiculous. Regardless of the source of the THC, we will always report the test results as positive if no prescription (Marinol is the only drug that has THC that can be prescribed by a physician) is produced. The use of CBD products is not a legitimate medical reason for THC to be in your system at levels high enough to produce a positive drug test result. If you choose to use unregulated CBD products, you’re doing so at your own risk!

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