Cheaters Always Get Busted


We have written about return cheaters in the past – those that we’ve caught before and return just to get caught again. However, we recently had our first threepeat! A gentleman came in on the 5th of the month and presented us with a specimen we would not accept, and he left the clinic.

Apparently, he was not hired for that job. And then he came back to us on the 12th – testing for a different prospective employer. Again, he gave us a specimen we would not accept, and he left the clinic.

And, apparently, he did not get that job either.

He then proceeded to test a third time on the 18th. We asked for his ID, and it was very apparent that the ID we were presented did not match the person in front of us – one dead-giveaway was a one-foot difference in height!

Our cheater, who had come in twice before, sent in an imposter for his third try! The imposter left in a hurry when we questioned the ID he had presented us.

It wasn’t until after the imposter left that our collector recognized the name as someone that had been in very recently. That’s when we started pulling records. Only then did we realize the same person tried cheating us three times, with three different employers, over a 13-day period!

Attention to detail and insuring specimen (and donor) validity are fundamentals we pride ourselves on at First Choice.