Cheaters Always Get Busted

Don't Panic

We had a donor give us a sample that was too hot, and if you’ve read our previous Cheaters stories, you know that the sample temperature is a tell-tale sign that a specimen did not come from the donor’s body.

The donor claimed the urine was hot because she had a fever, and then she hit the panic button on her key ring, activating her car alarm in our parking lot.

She told us she would have to stick the key in the ignition to deactivate the alarm. We immediately assumed she had more clean or synthetic urine in her vehicle. Once a collection is started, donors must remain within the sight of the collector… So, we allowed the donor to turn off the alarm, but she was under our surveillance.

Once she saw we were watching her closely, she started her car and left the premises. Per protocol, the test was reported to the employer as a refusal. Cheaters can be quite inventive, and they will even create emergencies to avoid being busted.