First Choice Drug Testing

Drug Policy for workplace

In today’s economy, businesses are struggling to survive more than ever. The Covid pandemic has already forced many businesses to close, and the heightened emphasis on cleanliness and safety procedures is forcing companies to do more with less people. With so much at risk, can you really afford a workplace accident or a worker’s compensation claim? Businesses are operating with skeleton crews and tighter profit margins than ever before. A work stoppage or injured personnel could be disastrous.

First Choice is Arkansas’ leading provider of drug and alcohol screening services, and we highly recommend instituting a drug testing program companywide. Most workplace injuries are preventable and caused by employees acting negligently or using workplace assets improperly. If your employees are abusing alcohol or illegal drugs, they are much more likely to be involved in an accident. Even if they are not intoxicated or otherwise under the influence, people who use recreational drugs are statistically in poorer health and more likely to show up to work hungover or on short rest.

We offer almost every conceivable check; employment credit check, employment and education verification, workers comp check, OIG (Office of Inspector General) checks, DOT checks, and more. All of our testing is performed by technicians and physicians that are committed to professionalism and great customer service, and we deliver accurate results quickly.

In addition to our drug testing program, we also offer fit for duty exams. It’s always important to know if you are inheriting any former injuries or ailments that may interfere with your employees’ job performance. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire someone who has had a previous injury, but you owe it to yourself to make sure that your applicant has the ability to perform his/her duties. In the event of a future claim, a fit for duty exam will enable you to document your due diligence. It should also save you money on your insurance and worker’s compensation premiums.

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