Cheaters Always Get Busted

busted by lint

The collectors at First Choice undergo a lot of training to ensure that the person coming to work for your company is drug-free. Most of this training is passed from collector to collector, and some of it comes from online tutorials. However, all the training in the world cannot prepare you for some of the things we see at First Choice.

Not too long ago we had a gentleman come in to take his drug test. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but our collector stayed vigilant as he entered and exited the bathroom. Upon receiving the specimen, the temperature looked good, there were no funny odors and the color looked normal; these are the physical characteristics we always check. There was just one problem with the sample – there was pocket lint floating in the cup. This lint must have stuck to the container of pee in the donor’s pocket and made its way into the cup when they dumped someone else’s urine into the specimen cup. We informed the donor that he would have to try again. He threw a fit and stormed out of the building; a tell-tale sign that our collector’s instincts were correct.

How closely are the collectors paying attention where YOUR company gets its drug testing done??