First Choice Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing programs are an effective way to reduce your company’s risk to the consequences of illegal drug use by employees. Employees are notified of screening procedures when they first apply for employment, and agree to submit for additional testing as required. Most employees willingly comply with your screening policies, but there are also many who are prepared to resort to some shady actions to conceal their recreational drug use.

Our staff at First Choice takes a lot of pride in our commitment to quick and accurate results for all of our clients. Every member of our staff is highly trained, and committed to both confidentiality and professionalism. We also have Dr. Richard P. Doncer on staff as our own in-house MRO to expedite the reporting process. As your TPA you’ll never hear the excuse “it’s at the MRO”, because we are the MRO.

A Medical Review Officer performs several key functions in the drug testing process; they are:

  1. Reviews the CCF for any errors in the collection process.
  2. Receives lab verified results and if abnormal interprets those results.
  3. Contacts donors and interviews them for all abnormal results.
  4. Advises and directs employers about federal and state drug testing regulations.

With so much at stake for both the employer and the staff, it’s very important that drug testing be carried out in a professional setting under qualified medical supervision. It’s equally important to institute procedural safeguards for quality assurance. Illegal drug use is not a victimless crime, and employers have a legitimate interest in protecting their business and the people it serves from the consequences of workplace drug abuse. Employees also have the right to accurate testing administered in a non-discriminatory environment. We’re committed to serving both our clients and their personnel safely and professionally.

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