Cheaters Always Get Busted

The most common way that people try to cheat a drug test is by using someone else’s urine or by substituting a synthetic urine. Yes, there are MANY synthetic urines out there available for purchase. Our collectors are highly trained and perform drug tests all day every day so they know what a “real” sample looks like.

The most difficult part about trying to cheat a drug test is getting the temperature just right. Urine leaves the body at 98.6 degrees which is very difficult to maintain if it does not actually come out of your body. Therefore, it is not uncommon that the specimen is either too hot or too cold by the time we get it. All of our cups have a temperature strip so we can quickly see the temperature of the sample as soon as we get it. This also allows the donor to look at the temperature of the sample while they are in the bathroom, which can give them a slight advantage as well – provided they know what they’re looking for.

Not long ago, we had a woman go into the restroom with a cup. She was in there for a while, and she finally came out and gave us the cup. We took a look at the temperature and it was reading lower than what we will accept. We informed her that we could not accept this sample and that she would have to try again. She became belligerent and was determined to know why we would reject her sample. We normally don’t tell donors exactly why we rejected their sample as to not educate them for their next drug test. Finally, after her persistent nagging, we informed her that the temperature wasn’t right. She immediately told us “Well, when I poured the pee into the cup it was the right temperature”. Just like that she gave herself away. Another cheater busted!