Cheaters Always Get Busted

Cheaters will try anything to pass a drug test. Usually they try to pass off someone else’s urine or synthetic urine as their own. After we catch them, we give them water and send them to a separate waiting room that quarantines them from any contact with others. We started doing this several years ago because we found that it was not uncommon for them to call someone to bring them some fresh pee.

Like most offices, things get busy and we don’t always have time to keep a constant watch over someone in our waiting room. The “cheater room” (a walk in vault: we’re located in a former bank building) makes it more difficult for people to bring donors clean urine. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Not long ago, we had a cheater sitting in “the vault” drinking water. Not too long after he tried to cheat (he gave us a cold specimen) we had another person walk up to the check in window claiming he was testing for a company we had never heard of. This window is adjacent to the vault, we were trying to figure out who he was testing for, or if anyone in the office knew anything about this test. Finally, a First Choice staff member walked out of the office to talk to this gentleman face to face instead of through the check in window. When he did this he found our cheater army crawling out of “the vault” towards our mystery donor. The guy who claimed to be testing for the company we had never heard of made an erratic awkward movement and quickly shoved something into his pocket and promptly left, never to be seen again. Obviously, this person was trying to hand off clean urine to our cheater, who was staying low and out of sight. When we asked why he was on the ground, the cheater claimed to be “looking for his ID”, which turned out to be in his wallet. A valiant effort, but our vigilant staff thwarted another attempt at cheating.


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