Cheaters Always Get Busted

Temperature isn’t the only way to tell if a donor gives a good urine specimen. There are many, many, other ways our collectors are trained to determine if the urine came out of the donor’s body. Sometimes the temperature can be perfect, but we will still reject the specimen; I won’t go into details that determine if we reject a specimen but if you ask a First Choice Staff member they will happily share some of them. This particular cheater story involves a specimen that had all the signs of a bad sample.

The First Choice collector was performing drug tests on-site with no issues until he got to one donor that tried to be sneaky. The restroom that was being used for the drug testing that day was a big, multi-stall room. Since the collector was a male, he accompanied the male donors into the bathroom and waited outside the stall for them to finish. One particular donor was not able to produce a specimen, so he was given a bottle of water and allowed to try again when he was ready. A little while later, he was ready to try again. the collector accompanied him to the restroom and the donor entered the stall. A few minutes later, the collector heard something hit the ground. It was one of the collector’s gloves. The donor didn’t reach for it hoping we wouldn’t notice. The collector took the specimen from the donor and immediately realized it was room temperature and was very clear and looked like water. He concluded that because the donor couldn’t take his water bottle into the restroom, he stole a glove from the collector’s supplies while he was doing drug tests and poured water into the glove, hid it, and tried to pass it off as urine. Luckily, our collector was vigilant and busted the cheater.

How vigilant are the collectors doing YOUR collections?


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