Cheaters Always Get Busted

On a frigid day not too long ago, we had a donor come into our clinic for a drug test. The donor was given a cup by a First Choice employee along with instructions and procedures for the drug test. The donor came out of the bathroom a short time later and handed the cup of urine to the collector. The temperature strip on the cup was well below normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees, and the collector could feel the cold plastic cup through his glove. The urine wasn’t even room temperature; it felt like it had been taken out of the freezer. The person taking the test had obviously been outside in the cold for some time and they had someone else’s urine with them!

The collector informed the donor they could not accept the specimen because they didn’t believe it came out of their body. The donor was perplexed and didn’t understand why the collector wouldn’t accept the specimen. After several inquiries asking why we wouldn’t take their specimen, the collector finally caved in and told the donor the urine they produced was far too cold to come out of their body. The donor quickly stated that the reason his “pee” was cold was because it was cold outside, which cooled the urine down in his body. He went on to say that he recently went to the doctor where he was told he had an unusually low body temperature. Fortunately, the collector understood basic biology and didn’t buy into the story. Another Cheater Busted.


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