Cheaters Always Get Busted

Everybody wants to pass their drug test. Most people do this by abstaining from doing drugs; that’s the easy way. Other people want to try it the hard way. They try and use someone’s or something’s (use your imagination) urine that isn’t their own. Over the years, the First Choice staff has busted hundreds upon hundreds of people trying to defraud their drug test.

A few weeks ago, a gentleman came into our clinic for a drug test and one of our veteran collectors took him back to begin the process. The collector explained that he needed at least 45 ml of urine from the donor. The donor went into the bathroom, and a short time later came out with a minuscule amount of pee in the cup. Seeing that is wasn’t enough, the collector explained that the donor would have to try again and offered him a bottle of water to take with him back to our waiting room. That’s when the donor confessed.

The donor explained that he had every intention of cheating on his drug test, but remembered 3 years prior when the same collector at First Choice caught him trying to cheat. While in the bathroom he lost his nerve and tried to urinate, but came up short. After telling his story to our collector, he took a bag of urine out of his pocket and threw it in the trash. The collector administering the drug test told the discouraged donor that he could still drink some water and try again, but if he left without providing a sufficient quantity of HIS urine, it would be reported as a refusal to test, which has the same consequences as a positive. The donor explained that if he didn’t leave soon, he would be late for the job he currently had. He came to the realization that he couldn’t pass his drug test, so he shouldn’t jeopardize the job he already has for a job he won’t be able to get.

We often see the same donors try again and again to cheat their drug tests for different employment opportunities. Unfortunately for them, we are on top of our game and have built quite the reputation for being relentless in our pursuit to ensure employers that they are hiring a drug free candidate.

Is the facility you use as diligent and persistent as First Choice?


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