Cheaters Always Get Busted

We have a filing cabinet in our testing room secured with Velcro so our donors have a safe place to put their belongings but are not able to tamper with their sample.

Recently, a woman came in to test for her employer. After she entered the restroom, the collector heard her urinating and everything sounded normal. However, she remained in the bathroom for a long time, much longer than was necessary. When she emerged, the urine she presented to the collector was bright yellow, similar in color to Mellow Yellow. All other indicators that we check, other than the color, were correct.

Although the collector was hesitant, he completed the collection. When he entered the restroom to allow the woman to retrieve her purse from the filing cabinet, he noticed that the Velcro was no longer secure. He assumed that the donor took a long time because she was slowly, quietly pulling apart the Velcro.

Even though the sample had been packaged up, the collector did not feel comfortable taking it after so many odd things happened. He informed the woman he could not take the sample, and she sat in the waiting room and was given water.

About 30 minutes later, she was ready to void. Again, when she came out of the restroom, the urine looked exactly the same, bright yellow. Any time we have caught a cheater in the past, there was a distinct color variation in the first specimen we would not accept and the second specimen that we did accept. Convinced she was not trying to cheat, the collector accepted the second sample.

The donor was not offended when we rejected her first specimen and was happy to provide a second. Her compliance was also an indication that she was not attempting to cheat because many times cheaters get quite belligerent and upset.

Here at First Choice, we aren’t perfect, but we are thorough. We have the right to refuse any sample and we catch cheaters every day, but every once in a while we have a “my bad!” moment.

You can be assured that we are vigilant and make sure the urine we test came from your applicant/client.


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