Cheaters Always Get Busted

My brother owns a convenience store and recently called me to tell me about an incident he encountered. He sells hot hands hand warmers even in the summer which is not that unusual because he has several patrons that work in cold storage facilities and use them year round.

He had a customer come in recently and ask for some hot hands. My brother proceeded to ask him which cold storage facility he worked at, he replied none. He said he used the hot hands to pass a drug test. He pours clean urine in a bottle and then puts the hot hands against the bottle and tapes it to his leg. By doing this, he is able to keep the urine warm. He went on to say he’s used this method multiple times to thwart a drug test (by the way- he does not test at First Choice!). He even said that on occasion the temperature became too hot and scalded his leg.

Pictured is a kit you can buy on line to achieve the same purpose, it comes with clean urine, a hot hands, and a convenient strap to strap it on your body and even a tube to help mimic the sound of urine leaving the body.

Collectors are trained to check the temperature of urine specimens to make sure they are between 90-100 degrees. If the temp falls outside that range, they are to reject the specimen. Here at First Choice we know urine leaves the body at 98.6 degrees so we tend to be even more stringent on temperature knowing that many cheaters will try anything to get the temperature right; however, that is a difficult task. Inevitably, they get it too hot or not hot enough. We regularly reject specimens that have the temperature absolutely perfect as we have several other ways of detecting cheaters that I will not go into as we do not want to further educate cheaters. We train and talk about cheaters daily, we rely heavily on our 6th sense, if something just doesn’t quite seem right we reject the specimen, 9 out of 10 times our intuition was correct and the donor storms out frustrated that he/she was busted. First Choice Drug Testing works hard and diligently on making sure the urine we test came from your employee/applicant.


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