Cheaters Always Get Busted

A couple of years back we had a father bring his son in for a drug test; we do lots of drug testing for parents but this guy’s son looked to be in his mid-twenties. The son gave us a urine specimen we would not accept, I do not remember exactly why we wouldn’t accept it but I am sure it was out of temperature range, or we there was some other factor that led us to believe it did not come out of his body. The father insisted he give another specimen; I am not sure why and it always baffles me when a parent is insistent on having a positive drug test result from us when they just got their answer when their child (or adult child) tried to cheat.

From that point the typical drama began, by that I meant the son could not understand why we would not accept it and began questioning the collector emphatically. We do not tell donors why we won’t accept their specimen as not to further educate them about what not to do next time they are at a testing facility and attempt to cheat. When donors question our collectors we simply tell the donor that we do not believe the specimen came out of their body and leave it at that. As collectors we have the right to refuse any specimen for any reason, and quite often here at First Choice we do reject the specimen if we “sense” something is not quite right.

We gave the son a bottle of water and he and his dad went back to the waiting room where we could hear voices being raised and anger in their tone. Soon they both stepped outside and were leaning on the truck they arrived in as the argument continued to escalate. Next thing you know they were both on the ground in our parking lot swinging away, this was an all-out brawl, we called the police who arrived on the scene quickly and discovered the son had a warrant, he was hauled away.

When a drug user is cornered and about to be discovered things can get quite intense, we’ve had to call police several times over the years to remove unruly cheaters. Just another day in the life of a First Choice Collector!


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