Cheaters Always Get Busted

What’s the best was to beat a drug test??? Find someone who is drug free and sort of looks like you and get them to be your impersonator.

We had this happen at our clinic, a mother came in impersonating her daughter. They were quite clever and had somehow electronically placed the mother’s picture on the driver’s license of the daughter. I’m not sure how they did that but the license looked real. The collection was proceeding normally but our collector had a 6th sense that something was just not right, particularly when he wrote the birthdate of the donor of the lab chain. That’s when it hit him that something was afoul.

Upon confrontation the donor insisted that she was who she represented herself to be and was quite convincing. Our collector proceeded to take the donors picture and texted it to the DER (designated employer representative), the DER confirmed that was not her applicant and by that time the donor had left the collection site.

Positive donor identification is critical in the testing process, First Choice Drug Testing not only checks ID’s but also compare signatures before returning the ID to the donor. We make sure you are who you say you are!!

Here’s a want ad I recently came across that punctuates that point:


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