Cheaters Always Get Busted

What’s 2 ounces of clean pee worth??

We recently had a truck driver come in for a random drug test. Truckers fall under DOT (department of transportation), a Federal Government organization that regulates the trucking industry as well as airlines, public transportation, coast guard, railroads, and pipeline workers. All safety sensitive employees who work in these industries are mandated to take random drug and alcohol tests. We see more positive drug tests for DOT workers who are “surprised” with a random test than we do if they are taking a Pre-Employment test. Pre-Employment applicants can simply stop using drugs long enough to get a negative test result.

If a DOT employee tests positive on a drug and/or alcohol test, they immediately cannot perform safety sensitive functions, which in most cases means they cannot work. In order to go back to work they must seek the services of a SAP (substance abuse professional) who assess them, comes up with a rehabilitation plan based on that assessment, and monitors their progress. When they meet all the parameters the SAP assigns them and pass a drug and/or alcohol test they can then go back to performing safety sensitive duties and will be subject to follow up testing several times a year for at least 3 years.

So, testing positive for a DOT employee is very costly and time consuming and can have a huge impact on their pocketbook. Back to our random trucker mentioned earlier: when he exited the bathroom with his urine, he approached our collector and told them he was not going to pass the test. He wanted the collector to substitute their urine for his and pulled out a roll of $100 bills. He proceeded to lay them on the table one at a time as if he was dealing cards and told the collector “just tell me when to stop”. After he had laid out 5 bills our collector said stop, and told him there’s no amount of money out there worth his integrity.

Throughout the years, all of my collectors have had donors attempt to bribe them. I have often professed if you have shady business ethics you could probably make a lot of money opening a drug testing company and producing negative drug test for drug users; at least for a while, until your reputation caught up with you. First Choice Drug Testing is a member of the BBB and is committed to a high standard of ethics. If you allow us to manage your testing needs, you can count on 100% accurate results.


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