Cheaters Always Get Busted

We perform testing on-site for our clients. This is usually done for scheduled random testing and unscheduled after hours testing most commonly done for post-accident or reasonable suspicion.

We were summoned to a local manufacturing plant to perform a post-accident drug and alcohol test after hours on one of the plant supervisors. As is customary, we first performed the breath alcohol test with no incident. Following that the donor gave multiple excuses as to why he was unable to urinate, realizing we weren’t leaving he finally produced a specimen about an hour later.

The specimen had no temperature, and of course we refused it. The supervisor became belligerent and started texting, not long after the text a coworker came to his office and gave him a sandwich and some potato chips. He then proceeded to heat up the sandwich in the microwave, obviously there was urine hidden in the sandwich because he immediately was ready to “go”.

While he was in the bathroom our collector heard the noise of a plastic bag, the specimen he came out with was “hot” well over the 98.6 degrees that a specimen should be. He became more belligerent and another supervisor asked if we could do a hair test, we explained we could but we would need to return to the office to get hair test supplies, we left the plant to get the hair testing supplies, before we returned we were informed that the supervisor refused to take the hair test and turned in his badge and left the facility. That puts a new meaning to the phrase “a hot lunch”.


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