Cheaters Always Get Busted

It is Federal Regulation that we must maintain a “bluing” agent in the tank and bowl of any commode used for urine drug testing. The reason is so that donors cannot attempt to substitute water from the commode as their urine specimen or use that water to “dilute” their urine.

It is much harder for a lab to detect drugs in a specimen that has been diluted by either adding water to the specimen or if the donor consumes large amounts of water/liquid.

We have had several different donors attempt to pass off the toilet water as their specimen even though the water was very much blue. We had one recent donor claim that the blue liquid was in fact his urine and came from his body. He said the reason was he had just finished a quart bottle of blue PowerAde. Of course we rejected his sample, it’s amazing what cheaters think they can get away with!! Unfortunately many do get away with cheating if you use a collection staff that has little or no training. That won’t happen at First Choice Drug Testing, we constantly train our collection staff and keep them up-to-date on all the latest trends cheaters tend to try.


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