Cheaters Always Get Busted

Just when you think you’ve seen everything you get surprised!!

The most common way a cheater tries to defraud a drug test is by bringing “clean” urine with them and hiding it on their body somewhere. They then pour the clean pee into the collection cup while in the bathroom. When this happens at First Choice Drug Testing our collector does not accept the specimen. Standard protocol (for non-federal test) is to discard the urine and allow them to “try again”. We had a cheater try 5 different times to thwart our collector with urine that obviously did not come from her body, she must have had a pint of pee on her.

Usually we’ll get a cheater that tries this once, maybe even twice; they either run out of urine, or nerve, or both and leave the clinic or give us a specimen that we will accept. We usually don’t put up with this attempt to cheat more than twice however our collector Andy was amused and decided to see just how far this gal would go.

I guess by the 5th try the urine had gotten so cold she came up with the brilliant idea to use her lighter to attempt to heat up the urine in a plastic cup! Take a look at the pic of the bottom of the collection cup with black lighter soot!!

Gotta give her an “A” for effort.

Cheaters never win at First Choice, send your donors here if you want drug test result you can depend on!!


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