Cheaters Always Get Busted

This will be an on going series covering the lengths people will go to trick a drug testing company. You will learn as well as be entertained. In this set of informative posts.

Cheaters Beware….We have many eyes out there watching you! Here’s just one of the reasons why First Choice is so accurate for you….we know all the tricks the cheaters use….subscribe to our newsletter below and stay up to date. The picture you see above is the microwave oven at the EZ Mart a block from our clinic.

One of the most difficult things for a cheater to accomplish is keeping clean urine (that they obtained from a drug free person) at the correct temperature. Urine leaves your body at 98.6 degrees, we test the temperature of every urine specimen we receive; it must be within strict tolerances and cheaters know this. They “attempt” to defraud the test by warming the clean urine using a microwave closest to our clinic to heat it. The problem is they never get the temperature correct, it’s either not warm enough or in many cases so hot we can barely hang onto the cup when they hand it to us!

The staff at the EZ Mart has replaced their microwave at least once due to urine being overheated and “blowing up” in their microwave. They regularly catch people attempting to use the microwave to heat up urine and installed the sign you see to attempt to stop them. I am sure it stops some but not all. We have a good working relationship with the EZ Mart Staff and they quite regularly call us and describe cheaters who used or attempted to use their microwave and are headed our way. We hate that we brought this unwanted assault upon EZ Mart but are so glad they help us ensure that if you send your applicants/employees to First Choice you can count on the drug test results to be accurate.


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