First Choice Drug Testing

Just when you think you’ve seen everything you get surprised!!

The most common way a cheater tries to defraud a drug test is by bringing “clean” urine with them and hiding it on their body somewhere. They then pour the clean pee into the collection cup while in the bathroom. When this happens at First Choice Drug Testing our collector does not accept the specimen. Standard protocol (for non-federal test) is to discard the urine and allow them to “try again”. We had a cheater try 5 different times to thwart our collector with urine that obviously did not come from her body, she must have had a pint of pee on her.

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This will be an on going series covering the lengths people will go to trick a drug testing company. You will learn as well as be entertained. In this set of informative posts.

Cheaters Beware….We have many eyes out there watching you! Here’s just one of the reasons why First Choice is so accurate for you….we know all the tricks the cheaters use….subscribe to our newsletter below and stay up to date. The picture you see above is the microwave oven at the EZ Mart a block from our clinic.

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