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Why Drug Test Your Employees?

Find out what the Department of Labor says about workplace drug testing.

Best Practices Background Checks

What employers need to know about the proper use of Background Checks.

What employers need to know about Drug & Alcohol Testing

A publication by the US Department of Transportation Office of the Secretary.

Refusal To Test

What is the Federal (DOT)definition of a “refusal to test” and who decides it’s a refusal?

2018 Opioid DOT Testing

How will it impact employers and employees?

Medical Marijuana in Arkansas and MRO Review

How First Choice will approach MRO review for Medical Marijuana Cardholders.

Dilute Specimen in Layman’s Terms

This page will give you simple information on how dilution happens and what can be done to prevent it.

Legal Court Testing

Many times court orders or legal request are vague at best, we’ve created the Legal Court Testing document to help us better serve you.

Instant Testing Devices

If you do your own testing give us an opportunity to quote you on instant testing devices.